Saturday, December 1, 2012


Thankful.  That's a word I just don't use often enough.  Though I have so many things I am thankful for, sometimes it's just hard for me to see through the everyday stresses to stop and recognize them.  I've always viewed myself as more of a pessimistic person.  I am very aware that this is not the most healthy way to view live, but I also feel it makes me more of a realist and honest (even when I shouldn't be) person.  This year, I took the that time to think about all that I am thankful for.  While laying in my closet (yep, go ahead and call me crazy- it's my quiet place, my alone space, and the only place I could lay my head for a bit as all of the beds were made perfectly for the guests that were about to arrive), I thought wow- I am blessed.  The lists goes on and on of everything I have and how everything in my life could be different- some good and some bad.  But this year, what I am thankful for is simple- everything and everyone.  For every stressful moment in my life, there is a good.  It might be buried deep, but finding the damn silver lining is what I have trying to do.  So in the middle of bathing my screaming two year old, I think, I'm blessed to have a warm home and running water to bathe him.  Back to laying the middle of my closet on Thanksgiving day, I hear that little voice I hear all too often "Mom- where are you?"  Several thoughts run through my head... First, well, shit, he found my hiding place.  Second, when did I become just mom?  Third, this floor is incredibly uncomfortable.  That little voice quickly found his way to the door and opened it up.  Of course after looking at me like a crazy person and probably thinking, what is she thinking, he quickly walked right in and got right down next to me.  Looked me face-to-face and said "We gonna go to sleep in here?"  I held him so close that I could feel his sweet breathe on my cheek and thought, this, this is what I'm thankful for.  My crazy life, my dysfunctional family, everything, everyone.  I'm, for once in my life, just thankful.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to Get Back

Life has been crazy.  Busy.  Fun.  Tiring.  Exciting.  Crazy.  I've been terrible when it comes to updating this little thing.  In order to get back on track, I am going to post the highlights in a quick picture run down... I'm sure I'm going to leave out plenty of the little moments, but here are the things I captured that have been happening in Preston's world the past um.... 5 months....

Visited the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Celebrated this precious little girl's SEVENTH birthday

Visited some great friends in Mississippi.  We stopped by the French Quarter for this kids to get crazy!

Had an AMAZING family vacation in Destin.

Started school.

Made some cake.

Celebrated sweet Ruby's FIRST birthday.

Met up with a long lost friend.

Hung out with our relocated Mississippi friends again... this time in Texas.

Went to the Mansfield Music Festival.

Visited 4 fall festivals.

Celebrated Halloween with the in-laws.

Carved pumpkins.

Smiled.  A lot.

Went trick-or-treating.

Loved it.

Watched this beautiful little boy turn into one amazing (and exhausting) kid!

It's crazy to see what five months can hold.  Because I pretty much document every moment in this kid's life, I also have about a million videos.  Considering it would take for. ev. er. to upload each of them, I am just going to attach a link to my youtube page.  Here you will be updated on the video front of P.

Here's to getting back into the swing of things and keeping this blog updated.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A 2 Year Old Celebrates the Fourth

We had a great holiday weekend- er- weekday- er- whatever it was this year!  On the third, we celebrated with some long lost friends watching the Midlothian Fireworks.  This was Preston's first official time to EVER see fireworks.  In previous years, I didn't want to risk keeping him up that late for something I didn't think he would fully understand anyway.  This year, HE LOVED LOVED LOVED them.  He would say, oh wow, awesome, amazing.  AND it was a full moon so he was mesmerized by that.  He asked about a million times..."Mom, see moon?  Moon see fireworks?"

On the 4th, we headed to the in laws to celebrate with burgers, hot dogs, and a nice cool pool!  The kids (and adults loved it).  Preston, however, became WAY too brave.  He thinks he can do it all by himself. but even with the floaties, he not a strong swimmer.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time.  Preston + pool = stress.  I'm hoping that was ease as he gets older, but right now, I'm a hot mess when he is in a deep pool.  He had a great time though:)

The one above and below are my absolute favorite pictures of the holiday!  

Happy Fourth... Love, the Emerson Kiddos!

Monday, July 9, 2012

FIVE Stars Go to SIX Flags

One of Brad's favorite places to visit in the DFW area is Six Flags over Texas.  Brad has so many memories there (as well as me, but I never found it as amazing as he did). While we were still in school, Brad approached me with the idea to take Preston.  At first I was hesitant because I honestly didn't know if there would be anything for him to do there.  Brad then researched the amusement park and found any and everything Preston could do.   He had me on board, but the sticker price was shocking!  I can't believe how expensive it is to go there for a day.  I guess we got pretty lucky because, as a teacher, I got one free ticket for myself and Preston is "2 & under," so he was free.  We basically had to pay for one adult ticket (purchase online beforehand and you get the kids price- which still is ridiculous, but not as ridiculous) and parking.  $84 later we were ready for family fun.  And dang it- I was determined it was going to fun after spending that money up front!

Brad and I walked around and laughed about memories we have shared there, etc.  I will say one of our favorite parts was being able to eat the greasy, fattening food.  Preston enjoyed just about EVERY minute of it all!  Seeing his face was priceless, and we can't wait to go back- maybe just when it's cooler and if we can score some free tickets:)

He was so excited (or as he says "egg salad") to be there- though he didn't really get exactly what Six Flags was!  Watch the video!

First ride of the day!

Preston was a bit unsure of this ride at first
(Please excuse the fact that I realized I forgot to put on make up on our way there.
Brad was not about to turn around for that)

Antique Cars

His favorite of the day!

Every time they would go up high, I could hear P saying "Hi Mommy, Mommy, Mommy."  SO cute!

Being Silly

He said, "Mommy, take a picture of me like this."  AND did this... oh that boy!

End of the day- hot, sweaty, and red on the train!

Pink Thing.
Funny fact- Brad and I both couldn't wait to get one of these because we just remembered how awesome they were.  AND they are still only $1 each (has to be the cheapest thing out there).  Failure though- we bought one for each of us, B and I took a bite, and immediately threw them away.  Hmmm?  Why did we think they were so great?  I don't know.  Just ask Preston I guess.

Headed home from a great day!  Watch the video:)  Notice the clothes change from the first video to the last- he was a hot mess of sweat, food, and stickiness when we left, so luckily I prepared with an extra pair of comfy clothes and wipes to clean him up decently!

Six Flags over Texas 2012